Sportgastro AG

The gastronomy sister of SCB

Where ice hockey is played, enjoyment is not far away in Berne. SCB’s sister company Sportgastro convinces with daily hospitality for fans and for business partners.

Several restaurants and innovative brands are brought together under one roof by Sportgastro AG. In addition to the headquarters at PostFinance Arena, where the company is responsible for all the catering, numerous popular concepts in and around Berne exist.

Sportgastro AG


Sportgastro AG

Mingerstrasse 12

3014 Bern


T: 031 332 56 44

F: 031 348 46 41


Business management

Sven Rindlisbacher

Direktor / Mitglied der Geschäftsleitung SCB Eishockey AG

Pascal Gigandet

Stv. Direktor / Leiter PostFinance Arena & Areal / Mitglied der Geschäftsleitung Sportgastro AG

Thomas Herger

Leiter Gastronomie PostFinance Arena & Messegastronomie

Philippe Gärtner

Leiter 24/7 Catering & Events und Messegastronomie

Kurt Müller

Leiter Einkauf Food & Leiter Hygiene

Luciano Portomene

Leiter Einkauf Beverage & Non Food