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Our legends

SCB legends

Already 13 players reached the status of “retired numbers” with SCB despite the strict criteria.  This means that those numbers will not be given to anyone else anymore at SCB.  But not only those 13 players are considered as legends. There are a couple more also…

Criteria for retired numbers

1. Start of the professional career with SCB
2. Ten years with SCB
3. 2 championship titles with SCB
4. 50 games with the national team
5. End of career with SCB

Point 5 is a mandatory requirement. From the four further requirements usually three more must be met. SCB explicitly reserves its right to grant exceptions in case of particularly meritorious players.

Further legends

They did not reach the status Retired Number because the were not with SCB for 10 years and, as imports, could not reach the criteria of the “50 games with the national team”. Yet they are SCB legends without a doubt.